What is PackageLog?

PackageLog™ is scalable inbound package logging software specifically developed for multifamily apartment communities, on/off-campus student housing, and businesses worldwide; with automated notification reminders by SMS & email.

If you're currently wasting time manually accepting, logging, and delivering packages to residents, clients, or co-workers - PackageLog™ is for you!

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Log, Notify, and Deliver Packages 75% Faster With PackageLog™


PackageLog™ is entirely online with nothing to install or download and no required equipment to purchase. You can conveniently manage packages across your existing devices—desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile—you will never need to download or wait for system updates, that's the beauty of online software!

Our package logging software provides an efficient method of keeping record of all inbound packages and deliveries (UPS, FedEx, Courier, Flowers, Dry Cleaning, Etc.) PackageLog™ also works with TrackItLog™, our asset tracking software (know who has your stuff and when it's due back).



Why do I need it?



Manually accepting packages wastes time.


Whether you accept packages for an apartment community or a business office - the time to accept, log, organize, answer inquiries, and ultimately deliver is time consuming. Take control of your package management by automating and customizing every outbound SMS & email notification.


Adding PackageLog™ saves time.


On average (from acceptance to delivery) you spend 6-minutes on every package; PackageLog™ clients spend just 1.5-minutes or less. We offer a secure platform that includes many additional features, including a marketing component, unlimited mass-text & mass-SMS, in-depth history, and reporting features.



Impact your budget and actually save some money.


Implementing our package logging software will increase your net income through efficiencies. Imagine an expenditure that will actually produce an immediate visible return. Adding PackageLog™ at your apartment community or business office, will save you money!


  • A recent study* shows an average Millennial receives 21 PACKAGES PER YEAR  *Independent US Postal Solutions Study
  • On average (from acceptance to delivery) you spend 6-minutes on every package.
  • PackageLog™ clients spend just 1.5 minutes per package, or less.
  • PackageLog™ reduces time spent on packages by 75%.


  • PackageLog™ sends an average of 4-notifications per package by SMS & email.
  • Open rates for PackageLog™ notifications are high, due to the importance of the subject.
  • Resident Retention & Marketing — PackageLog™ sends 80-90 customized notifications (“touches”) per package recipient, per year. 


How does it work?



Easily Manage Packages.

Logging package information is simple with our intuitive design and automated uploader feature.

From the dashboard, you can see the status of all items, easily search, sort, filter, and edit both packages & recipient information.




Customized Alerts & User Permissions.

Send package recipients automated alerts by SMS and email (or both) and always keep them up-to-date.

Don't want to a full package storage room? Simply choose the number of days and packages will automatically be moved to your Return-To-Sender list (after reminder SMS & email messages have properly alerted your recipients). 



Quickly Log and Deliver Packages.

With super-fast load times and secure data storage, be confident that your custom settings are always easily accessible.

PackageLog™ works on every device and you can freely transition to/from our TrackItLog™ software as needed.



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How do I get started?

To learn more about the plan for you, please visit our Pricing page!

If you think you'll like PackageLog™ as your inbound package logging software solution, and need assistance to keep easy track of your checked-out items, assets / inventory, warranties, or even parking spots - then give our TrackItLog™ software a try too!